Initiating / Cancelling Service

Customers must contact the Utility Billing Department before they initiate or transfer utility services with the City of Allen. Trash and recycling services are linked to water/sewer services and begin automatically when a new water account is opened. To contact a Utility Billing Customer Service Representative, call 214.509.4560 or email.

Moving to Allen
New residents must complete a New Service Request Form and submit a $50 deposit to initiate service. The initial deposit can be deferred to the first month's bill upon request. Residents may submit by email or by fax to 214.509.4567. Forms may also be mailed or taken in person to City Hall (305 Century Parkway).

The City uses social security numbers, driver licenses and credit reporting agencies to verify customer identities when accounts are opened. The City reports customer debt to credit reporting agencies if accounts are closed and final balances are not paid in full. This can impact an individual's credit rating for up to seven years.

Newcomer Packet
If you're new to Allen, you should receive a newcomer packet containing several helpful documents. You can view them online by following the links below.
Moving Within Allen
Residents must submit a Transfer Service Request Form to transfer utility service from one Allen home to another.
All trash and recycling carts must be secured prior to moving. The City recommends storing them in the garage. Trash and recycling carts must remain at the original residence. A fee of $75.59 per missing cart will be charged to resident's final utility bill.

Canceling Service
To disconnect service, residents must contact Utility Billing and speak directly to a Customer Service Representative. Residents may call 214.509.4560 or visit City Hall. Service cannot be canceled online or by form. Only those authorized on the account may cancel service.