Adult Hockey Programs

The Allen Community Ice Rink offers many opportunities for adult skaters at all skill levels. Beginner Hockey Skating programs are excellent for those just starting out and Advanced Hockey Skating programs are perfect for those who are more seasoned. Already a confident skater? Check out our Adult Learn to Play Hockey and our Adult Skills Class to advance your hockey skills.

Adult Hockey 1 Skating 

A semester course within the Allen Academy of Skating Learn to Skate program that expands on the basic hockey skating skills that are learned in Beginner Hockey Skating: hockey stance, glide hop 1 foot, tight turn, forward c-cuts, forward crossovers, c-cuts, swizzles backwards, backwards c-cuts, backwards crossovers, control stop, hockey stop, v-starts, side v-starts, double leg backward stop.

Adult Hockey Skills 

Join us for a full ice skills session with Coach Owen. Sessions will focus on: skating, shooting, passing, body-positioning, and stick handling, as well as game strategy and positioning. Full equipment and playing experience is required. Dates, times, and pricing is available on the Adult Hockey Skills flyer. 

Allen Adult Hockey League - Division (AAHL I)
Registration is now open for summer

The Instructional Division (AAHL I) is designed for individuals with minimal ice hockey experience who want to develop their general hockey skills and improve their team play. Division emphasis will be to teach the basic skills and concepts of hockey: skating, stick-handling, shooting, passing, stick-checking, angling, positioning, and breakouts. The next season will begin on April 27, 2017.
AAHL I Fall Information

AAHL I Fall Registration Form
AAHL I Rules
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Allen Adult Hockey League - D2 Division (AAHL D2)

Fall information coming soon!
The D2 Division This division is specifically designed for players/teams that are leaving the AAHL I League Division and are ready for the next level. This division is primarily made up of those who have learned to play hockey as adults. 

D2 Summer Information
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D2 Division Rules
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Allen Adult Hockey League - D Division (AAHL D)

The D Division (AAHL D) is designed for novice-level players, 18 years of age and older. Although some players may have 5+ years of playing experience (either as an adult or a youth), this experience is not to have exceeded the adult novice, or beginner youth levels. Some players may have high school experience. Players that have played competitive hockey (i.e. Varsity High School, Juniors, etc.) or are playing in a league classified as “C” or higher will have to be evaluated prior to being added to the roster.

AAHL D Rules
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Adult Pick Up Hockey

Pick-up is designed to give players a chance to play in an informal game. Sessions are limited to 25 skaters and 4 goalies, which will be allowed on a “first-come, first-serve” basis. Open to ages 18 years+.

Cost: $10 per player
Adult Pick-Up Schedule

Reservations are not accepted by telephone. Players may not sign-in and pay for pick-up earlier than 1.5 hours (90 min) prior to the start of the session.

Stick Time (All Ages)

Stick-time provides an opportunity for players to practice their skills by themselves or one-on-one with a coach. 

Cost: $10 per player
Stick-time Schedule

Reservations are not accepted by telephone. Players may not sign-in and pay for pick-up earlier than 1.5 hours (90 min) prior to the start of the session.