Vendor Self Service

Vendor Self Service (VSS) provides existing vendors with web-based access to information stored in the City of Allen Financial database. Using VSS, existing vendors can enter and maintain their contact and remittance information, view 1099 data, purchase orders, invoices and contracts. All existing vendors must register in VSS. This service is for existing vendors only; if you are a prospective vendor, please register in the eBid System.

Existing Vendors will need their Vendor ID in order to register, review, update existing information and view transactions.  Vendor ID numbers can be found on both purchase orders and checks. To avoid processing delays, please follow all instructions provided in the vendor tutorials. If you experience any difficulties with Vendor Self Service or need confirmation on your vendor number, please contact



Vendor Self Service requires vendors who exist in the database to register using the VSS website to gain access to their information. In order to successfully link a vendor file, a vendor identification number is required. Vendor ID numbers can be found on both purchase orders and checks. The vendor enters the number in the Vendor ID box during registration. Potential vendors who do not exist in our database cannot complete the registration process.

When completed, the registration process creates a new record in the Vendors program. The City of Allen Vendor Self Service administrator will activate the record and grant the vendor’s user ID access to the appropriate pages in VSS before the vendor can fully utilize the site.