Fountain Park Pilot Program

City of Allen launched a Neighborhood Pilot Project for Fountain Park to make enhancements to entryway features and start conversations about future projects amongst neighbors.

As a Non-HOA neighborhood, the City recognizes there is no formal structure or funding mechanism for maintaining shared spaces. Through the pilot project, manageable projects will enhance some of these shared spaces. The City will assist with the cost of some of the larger aspects of the project, with neighborhood residents assisting with volunteer labor, ongoing maintenance, as well as planning the best block party your neighborhood has ever seen!

If you have questions about this project, contact Senior Planner David Powell by email or call 214.509.4180.

Exterior photo of a home in the Fountain Park neighborhood

Project timeline

Below is the pilot project timeline and expected action items associated with the process.

  • STEP ONE [COMPLETE]: Neighborhood meeting to collect feedback from resident
  • STEP TWO [PENDING]: City and Resident Committee finalize scope of project (work to be completed, City role, neighborhood role, timeline)
  • STEP THREE: Organize workday(s) for neighborhood residents
  • STEP FOUR: City coordinates implementation of City improvements
  • STEP FIVE: Celebrate project completion with block party or more!

Get involved! Join one of three volunteer opportunities

Residents have three ways they can get involved with the pilot project: Resident Committee, Workday Volunteer or Block Party Volunteer. Learn about each opportunity below.

Group of adults sitting attentively in a casual meeting

Residential Committee

Do you make to do lists in your sleep? Do you know people who know people? This committee might be for you!

The Residential Committee is the liaison between the City and the neighborhood. This committee works with City staff to finalize the scope of work and provide input on design criteria such as sign layout, fonts, colors and landscaping. Members also will assist with outreach for neighborhood workdays and the block party celebration.

We anticipate this committee will meet online via Zoom for approximately three formal meetings, and remaining work will be accomplished independently through neighborhood networking. Sign up for this committee or request more information.

Two sets of hands wearing gardening gloves and working together to plant a tree

Workday Volunteer

Do you like the feel of dirt on your hands? Is your tool shed your happy place? This volunteer group might be for you!

Workday Volunteers can get their hands dirty while directly impacting their neighborhood. Volunteers will help power wash the existing entryway features, plant landscaping provided by the City, and assist with other cleanup tasks in the neighborhood. The number of workdays and scope depends on the amount of volunteers and the extent of work the neighborhood wants to accomplish.

While this project focuses on entryway features, the Workday Volunteers may choose to expand their reach to other areas in the neighborhood. Sign up for this committee or request more information.

Group of neighbors enjoying a tabletop picnic outdoors

Block Party Volunteer

Can you organize a killer potluck in 30 minutes flat? Do you have a DJ on speed dial? This volunteer group might be for you!

Block Party Volunteers will assist the City and Resident Committee in planning a neighborhood-wide block party for all to attend. Help set a date and location as well as invite various City and local vendors.

Volunteers also will assist with promotion and facilitation the day of the party. If you're interested in participating in the party planning process, sign up or request more information.

Interactive Map of Fountain Park

  1. Neighborhood Stabilization Pilot Program

    If you have questions or comments about this project, please contact one of the following:

    Project Facilitator
    David Powell, Senior Planner

    Erin Jones, Planning Manager