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Citizen Police Academy Enrollment Application

  1. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age and either live in Allen or work in Allen. Incomplete, inaccurate, or unsigned applications, and anyone having charges currently filed against them that are either being tried or are pending in any criminal court will not be considered for enrollment.
  2. Personal
  3. Are you a Citizen of Allen?*
  4. Are you employed in Allen?*
  5. Education
  6. High School Graduate / GED?*
  7. College Graduate?*
  8. Background
  9. Do you have any charges filed against you that are currently being tried or are pending in any criminal court?*
  10. If there is any physical or medical condition that might impair your ability in the Academy, please submit condition on a separate piece of paper and attach it to the Citizen Police Academy Application. This information will be returned to you at the completion of the Academy. Name and relation of emergency contact person:
  11. Recommendations
  12. Were you recommended or advised to apply for the Citizens Police Academy?*
  13. Signature
  14. I hereby certify that there are no willful misrepresentations, omissions, or falsifications in the foregoing statements and answers to questions. I understand that any omission or false statements on this application will be cause for rejection for enrollment or dismissal from the Allen Police Department Citizen Police Academy. I understand that a rejection of enrollment may occur if I have any charges filed against me that are currently being tried or are pending in Any criminal court. I understand that there is no charge for the Academy and, if selected for enrollment, pledge the time commitment to attend.
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